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Celebrating JF&CS’s social workers

The month of March is designated as social work appreciation month and I am very proud to honor the terrific work of our social work staff. Elizabeth Clark, executive director of the National Association of Social Workers, describes the profession in one succinct, powerful sentence: “Social workers weave together the threads of society’s social safety net.”

Unlike many fields where one functions as a specialist in something, social work is an integrative field –a social worker needs to have a good understanding of a wide range of human issues and community resources in order to do his or her job well.

And the social work staff at JF&CS is one of the very best.  They play a critical role in helping to improve the social functioning and social conditions for thousands of people in psychological, emotional, economic and/or physical need.

So as March unfolds, I want to thank our JF&CS social work colleagues whose passion for their work makes such a tremendous difference in the lives of so many members of our community.

Adoption (Family Hope Connection)

Aneesa Holt, LSW

Diane Stol, MSW


Career Services (Career Development Center)

Erin Barr, LSW


Counseling (Squirrel Hill Psychological Services)

Bari Benjamin, LCSW, BCD

Wendy Levin-Shaw, LCSW

Barbara Wollman, LCSW, RPT-S

Critical Needs/Emergency Assistance

Claire Burbea, LCSW

Ellie Eisenstat, MPS, MSW

Linda Marino, BSW

Elder Care

Pearl Averbach, LCSW

Sandy Budd, LCSW

Stefanie Small, LCSW

Food Assistance (Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry)

Becky Abrams, MSW


Therese Bissonette, BSW

Patty McKeown, BSW

Refugee Services

Caitlin Delich, BSW

Alexis Szymanski, MSW

Dawn Zuckerman, MSW

Scholarship (Central Scholarship & Loan Referral Service)

Alayne Lowenberger, LSW

To social workers everywhere, thank you!